The Benefits of Buying and Selling in the Fall

Spring and summer are often thought to be the best times of the year to list your home, but that may not be entirely true. There are actually many benefits to buying and selling in the fall.

Benefits of Selling

– There’s less competition on the market because there are fewer listings – a seller’s advantage.

– Now that the kids are back in school it’s easier to keep your home ready for showings during the day.

– People are no longer focused on their summer plans and become more serious about buying.

– It’s a great opportunity to stage your home with the beautiful colours of autumn and create a warm, welcoming space.

– The crisp weather makes for a nice ‘shopping’ experience when buyers are going from location to location during open houses.

Benefits of Buying

– If a particular home that caught your eye during the summer is still on the market, chances are they’re more than anxious to sell. What was once out of your price range may now be, surprisingly, in your budget.

– Again, with school in session, couples can take their time during showings to browse without their own kids in tow.

– You can likely close and move in before Christmas and enjoy the holidays in your new home.

– Less competition from buyers can mean not having to worry about dealing with multiple offers for the property you want.

– Furnishing your new home can be more affordable by taking advantage of year-end sales.

– Moving companies will be easier to schedule – and it’s much nicer to move when it’s cooler outside, rather than in the scorching heat in the dog days of summer!

If you’ve been thinking of listing your home but found yourself too busy in the summer there’s still time to list. I can help you buy and sell, and get you into your new home to start creating new memories. 

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