Summer Maintenance

Summer Maintenance

While there is certainly no need to spend every weekend this summer tackling household chores, there are a few key tasks that most homeowners will want to tend to in the coming weeks to keep your home’s systems running as they should and to prepare for the season ahead.

Your roof and eavestroughs’ main function is to keep the elements, namely water, out of your home. Summer is a good time to check for cracked, curling or missing shingles and have them replaced immediately. Be sure your eavestroughs are clear of debris and properly affixed to your home. Siding is also susceptible to leaks, especially where it meets windows and doors. Look for mushrooms or fungus growing out of siding, a sign that moisture is beneath.

After you’ve checked your home’s highest point, you should turn your attention to its lowest. Take a good look at your home’s foundation to see how it faired the winter months and the rainy spring season. Walk the perimeter of your home, examining the foundation for cracks. Even the smallest opening can allow water to seep into your basement. Use a ruler to measure. If the crack is wider than 3/16 of an inch, it can be a problem. Mark smaller cracks with tape and keep track of their progress. You can likely fix a smaller crack yourself but larger ones will need to be tended to by a professional.

Proper care and maintenance will go a long way in extending the life of your deck and fencing. The blistering summer sun and harsh Canadian winters take their toll on wood elements, so it’s important to stay on top of maintenance. Dry rot and wet rot are two issues that you will have to watch out for when it comes to your deck and fence. An annual stain application is the best way to combat both potential problems. You can’t go wrong with a good-quality linseed oil-based, solid or semi-transparent stain.

Staying on top of your home’s many features and fixtures will save you money, headaches and time down the road!

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