Spring home interior maintenance checklist

Deep Cleaning This Spring

When you’re in spring cleaning mode it’s the perfect time to set aside some extra time for deep cleaning your home. These are the tasks that we avoid until the point that it becomes necessary to give them attention. They are chores you don’t get to on a regular basis, including cleaning the dishwasher, washing machine, the windows, the oven, the refrigerator and mattresses. Here are three examples with some tips for cleaning them:

The Dishwasher

This appliance does some heavy duty cleaning, and actually needs to be cleaned itself! This will help keep it working at its best. You can run a cycle with a homemade cleaner made from baking soda and vinegar or purchase a specialty dishwasher cleaner from the store. This will remove build up and soap scum.

The Windows

You might wipe down the inside of your windows often, but take this opportunity to clean the outside of the windows as well. Also vacuum windowsills and window tracks. Remove and wash the window screens as well removing any cobwebs and bugs.

The Washing Machine

Washing machines can get smelly over time and this odour can even eventually come off on clean clothing. You can give it a good deep cleaning with natural ingredients such as vinegar and baking soda. This will disinfect, kill mold and mildew, dissolve soap residue and can also be helpful in dissolving lime deposits in the pipes. Set your washer to run with hot water and do not add clothes or detergent. While the hot water, vinegar, and baking soda are inside, wipe down the outside of the washer and any bleach or fabric softener dispensers.

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